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Sustainability that doesn't

get your knickers in a twist

At Stripe & Stare, we're focused on female solidarity and sustainability. Sourcing the earth for the latest developments in the world of sustainable fibres is what we do everyday. In the days when the word 'sustainable' is in itself a dirty word - we aim to be a place people can trust for honesty and transparency. We prefer 'responsible'. We are not perfect, no one is, but we hope to take our customers on a journey with us as we learn more and as technology develops. We only introduce a new product if we can do it differently. Do it better.

We take our responsibility to look after the planet very seriously and we care deeply about what kind of world we're going to leave behind for future generations. For too long, the fashion industry has ignored its effects on the planet. Did you know that only 3% of underwear is sustainably sourced? We were shocked by this statistic too which is why we're so passionate about making a difference. 

Stripe & Stare USA banner

We're planting a forest, together.

It’s the small, bottom-up revolutions that can make the biggest difference. Bikes over cars, string bags instead of plastic bags and switching to knickers made of trees. Barking mad right? It’s the kind of activism that doesn’t get your knickers in a twist. A bottom-uprising with frills & lace. We're changing the world, one knicker at a time.