5 Reasons To Go Underwire-Free When Shopping For Bras

Woman sat on a chair wearing a floral underwear set

Shopping for bras can make Mission Impossible look like a walk in the park.

Opting for underwire or going wire-free is just one of the many considerations that come into play when finding the perfect bra. Always the advocate for comfort, we’re activists for going wireless when it comes to looking after our boobs, and we’ve summed up our top five reasons why below. 


We’ve all fallen victim to an ill-fitting underwired bra that feels like it's holding our boobs hostage. The constant digging in that causes us to question why we even bothered to wear a bra in the first place. Underwire-free bras provide a level of comfort that simply cannot be reached by sturdier, wired bras. You want to forget you’re wearing a bra, not be constantly reminded by the scaffolding-like structure poking you in the sides. If comfort is your priority (and you know it’s ours), then we recommend kissing underwire goodbye. And that’s not to say you have to completely sacrifice on support by going underwire-free. Our T-shirt Bras and Racerback Bras have been praised for their level of support without relying on industrial-scale wire.

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We all know the pain of underwire getting bent out of shape in the wash. Your new bra fitting like a glove on your first wear, only to become completely unwearable after retrieving it from the machine. Wire-free bras are easy to maintain and care for, allowing for stress-free washing and ultimately a collection of underwear that lasts a long time. Rest assured you won’t experience any violent stabbing pains from that pesky underwire poking through the fabric. Is there anything worse? 

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Wire-free bras come in a range of shapes and styles, their popularity rising over recent years due to their aforementioned levels of comfort and convenience. Going wire-free doesn’t mean sacrificing your style and surrendering yourself to all-out frumpiness, there is a whole world out there to choose from. From t-shirt bras to lace bralettes, racerbacks to cut out bras, our underwire free collection is sure to satisfy your every underwear need.

Woman sat in a window in floral underwear set

Pregnancy & Breastfeeding 

Sensitivity and tenderness caused by pregnancy and breastfeeding is another reason one may opt for an underwire-free bra. Eliminating discomfort is a top priority during this time and a wire-free bra is your second-best option after going completely braless. Although you may find difficulty switching back to your sturdier bra postpartum! 

Woman laying in a bath in a black t-shirt bra


Underwire-free bras can provide the optimum level of comfort and support post-breast surgery. You may want to ditch the underwire following a mastectomy or lumpectomy to avoid any irritation to sensitive or healing tissue. Choose a bra that feels like a much-needed hug to your boobs. 

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