Why Stripe & Stare Briefs are the Comfiest

You will have heard the claims by now, Stripe & Stare create the world’s comfiest briefs. It’s a bold claim, we know! But we’re here to back it up with the reasons why our briefs are the absolute gold standard for comfort. And now with over 18,000 5-star reviews, we’d hate for you to miss out on the comfort revolution happening before our very eyes.

The Fit

Coming in at a close second as to why Stripe & Stare briefs are the comfiest in the world, is the fit. We’ve worked so hard to achieve the perfect cut, meaning no unsightly lines, riding up, or cutting in at the wrong places. With no heavy elastic seams, and flatlock stitching combined with lace, our briefs lie perfectly flat against the skin and make you feel like you’re wearing nothing at all!

Designed by women, for women, all our products are tried and tested over and over again to ensure maximum comfort. Made for the modern woman, too fun for frumpy underpants and too busy to wear anything uncomfortable that won’t support her throughout the day. 

The Shapes

We understand that achieving those ultimate comfort levels can be subjective, with underwear-needs varying between women. That’s why we’ve created six different shapes of different levels of coverage to ensure we’re catering for everyone. For our minimal coverage ladies, we’ve got our Thongs and Brazilians, for our medium coverage crew we’ve got our Original Brief and for the maximum coverage queens we’ve got our High Rise, Hipsters and Unisex Boxers.

Because nothing great was EVER

achieved in uncomfortable briefs.