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When it comes to underwear for women, we're spoilt for choice with options. From high-leg briefs and bikinis to thongs, boxers and hip-huggers, there's something for everyone. However, not all briefs are made the same, and what's comfortable for one person can be another person's torment. Anyone who's had to battle painful seams or a wedgie will know the importance of buying underwear that sits and fits right. But what should you look for when shopping for comfortable underwear? And how is women's underwear supposed to fit? 

At Stripe & Stare, we pride ourselves on creating the world's comfiest knickers – so we know a thing or two about what separates the underwear drawer must-haves from the avoid-at-all-costs. So, if the current contents of your knicker collection are giving you hell, read on for everything you need to know about buying comfy briefs. 

Table of Contents

  1. What underwear is best for daily use?
  2. How do I choose comfortable underwear?
  3. What is the most comfortable underwear fabric?
  4. How is women's underwear supposed to fit?
  5. Should you wear tight or loose underwear?
  6. Is sustainable underwear comfortable?
  7. The best underwear for women
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What underwear is best for daily wear?

The best underwear for daily wear can be different for everyone: Some people favour a basic brief with a low waistline, whilst others swear by figure-hugging boy shorts. Whichever underwear style you stand by, it's important that your daily underwear fits right and is made with high-quality fabric. Opt for breathable materials such as TENCEL™ modal, and leave fancy silks for special occasions, as they offer the least breathability. 

At Stripe & Stare, we have a fantastic offering of different underwear styles for women. Shop deeply flattering knickers in various gorgeous designs and enjoy ⅓ off the price when you buy three, or discover luxuriously soft thongs that are so soft you will hardly notice they're there.

Models wearing Stripe & Stare knickers


How do I choose comfortable underwear?

No matter the style of women's underwear you prefer, comfortable underwear has 3 identifying factors to look out for.


It fits your natural waistline

You'll feel it pretty quickly if your underwear doesn't fit right. Underwear should feel like a second skin in that it's doing its job so well you don't even notice it's there. If you opt for too small or ill-fitting underwear, you might fall victim to chafing, rubbing, or skin irritation – all of which can ruin your day and cause serious discomfort. 

Not sure about your size? Rather than sizing up and chancing briefs that are too big, we'd recommend measuring your waistline and hips and consulting the size chart on our product listings, which will allow you to purchase the perfect fit every time.


Comfy - but firm - elastane

A good waistband will keep your knickers where they're supposed to be. No one wants to deal with bunched-up boyshorts or sagging briefs, so make sure your underwear offers a supportive yet snug fit for ultimate comfort. 



Breathability is a big one regarding comfy underwear – and it's something you shouldn't underestimate. Your underwear must be breathable and moisture-wicking, preventing sweat and bacteria from getting trapped in the fabric and causing infections below.

Due to its breathability and comfort, cotton is one of the most popular fabric choices for underwear. However, the cotton industry is detrimental to the environment. Here at Stripe & Stare, we want to do what we can to help reduce the knicker industry's environmental impact – without compromising style or comfort. 

95% of our underwear is made from TENCEL™ modal, a sustainable fabric that is super-soft to the touch, breathable, and even helps to regulate your body temperature. Not sure about the specifics? Check out our blog on why TENCEL™ modal is the best fabric for underwear. 

Close up crop of a model sat on a chair wearing a thong and shirt


What is the most comfortable underwear fabric?

No matter what underwear style you prefer, the fabric can make or break your comfort – so it's important to choose the right material. Cotton is renowned for being one of the best underwear fabrics – however, it isn't moisture-wicking, nor is it sustainable. It can hold onto dampness for long periods of time, meaning that with prolonged wear, it can become uncomfortable.

At Stripe & Stare, we pride ourselves on creating the comfiest knickers you can find, which is why all of our underwear is designed using TENCEL™ Modal. 

TENCEL™ has tightly woven fibres, which create a super smooth surface. It is luxurious, drapes like silk, and feels glorious against your skin, making it our winner when it comes to the most comfortable underwear fabric. 

We also offer TENCEL™ Modal lounge and sleepwear, perfect for those looking for intimate items with an extra layer of comfort. 


How is women's underwear supposed to fit?

Your underwear should lie comfortably under your garments and be flush and flat against your body. It shouldn't be too small or too big and should fit so well that you forget it's even there. 

Everyone has experienced the hassle of out-of-shape underwear – and visible knicker lines have plagued us all at some point. However, the TENCEL™ Modal fabric used to create all of our knickers at Stripe & Stare is strong and sturdy. It has the perfect amount of stretch without the risk of losing its shape – making it the perfect fabric choice for long-lasting, comfortable knickers. 


Should you wear tight or loose underwear?

The answer is neither. If you opt for knickers that are too tight or too loose, you are guaranteed to find discomfort. Whether opting for a high-legged thong or a full-coverage brief, the perfect fit exists: It should be snug and comfortable without restricting movement. 

Model leaning over a fence wearing high rise knickers


Is TENCEL™ underwear comfortable?

Sustainable underwear isn't just kind to the environment – it's kind to your skin, too. We use TENCEL™ because it has a super-soft, silky touch that luxuriously drapes across your skin, making it the perfect choice for comfy knickers. 

Looking for fully biodegradable underwear? Our B-Edit collection is filled with stylish yet comfortable designs to enhance your underwear drawer. It also decomposes in your garden after 180 days, so you don't need to worry about the environmental impact of your briefs. 


The best underwear for women

There is no shortage of options regarding comfortable underwear for women. However, to help narrow your search, we've listed our favourites.


Bikinis and briefs

Classic underwear styles, bikinis and briefs are renowned for being the comfiest knickers. They are versatile, supportive, and offer coverage without compromising style, making them the perfect go-to underwear type.

Our sustainable knicker box range is perfect if you want to stock up on classics. Choose from a gorgeous array of prints and pigments and inject instant personality into your underwear drawer, or shop chic, staple colours. Whichever style you choose, you can be confident that you are investing in the comfiest knickers around.



Boxers are a great choice if you prefer underwear with extra coverage. A stylish take on shorts, they are perfect for lounging around in and offer a super-soft comfort like no other.

With options for men and women and unisex styles, our collection of boxers has something for everyone. Whether looking for hot pink shorts to wear to bed or boxers for everyday wear, you won’t be disappointed with our collection!



Many people wince at the thought of an uncomfortable thong. However, our thongs made from TENCEL™ are as luxurious as they come. They offer incomparable comfort and are so soft that you won't know they're there!

Thongs offer the least coverage of all the underwear styles, making them the perfect underwear type for those looking to avoid knicker lines. 

Close up of a thong coming out the top of a models jeans


High-rise knickers

High-rise knickers are very similar to the much-loved brief. However, they feature a higher waistband and cut, which is great for accentuating your natural waistline. High-rise knickers are a fantastic choice if you prefer more coverage but don’t want to compromise style or comfort. 

Our latest collection of high-rise knickers is filled with feminine styles designed to flatter and accentuate your shape. They are made with super-soft TENCEL™ modal to ensure a luxurious fit and feel, making them a must-have addition to your underwear drawer!


Brazilian knickers

A cheeky take on classic knickers, Brazilian knickers are the perfect way to shake up your underwear drawer. They feature a chic high leg, a low cut without compromising coverage, and ooze style and femininity. 

Our Brazilian knickers are available in various chic colours, including classic grey marl, neutral khaki, and daring hot pink. Whether you’re looking to stir up your everyday staples or inject fun into your knicker drawer with bright, bold colours, you will experience ultra-comfort and style with this collection!


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