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More people than ever are taking part in Veganuary this month, and it’s not too late to try it for yourself! There are many reasons to take part, from personal health benefits, to reducing animal suffering, and helping the environment. We have collated a list of our top tips to help you get ahead in Veganuary.

Start with your favourite dishes! Not sure where to start? Make a list of your favourite foods, then try swap out the meat, eggs and dairy with plant-based alternatives. And voilá, you have a vegan recipe to try!

Plate of vegan pancakes

Do your homework! You’d be surprised to know how many animal-based products are hiding in plain sight. For example your red lipstick might contain carmine, or that your favourite sweets might gelatin. There is lots of information online to help you keep on track, otherwise look for the trusty “suitable for vegans” stamp next to the ingredients list.

Supplement! A vegan diet has many health benefits but it is important to be mindful that it can be difficult to make sure we get enough nutrients, particularly vitamin B12, vitamin D3 and Omega-3. Be sure to pop your local health shop, pharmacy or supermarket - and don’t forget to check the labels to see if they are vegan-friendly!

Treat yourself! Being vegan doesn’t mean going without luxuries! You can still pamper yourself with a facemask, a glass of wine and some dairy free chocolate. Or perhaps getting cosy in your favourite Stripe and Stare pajamas, watching a movie with some ice-cream?! Be sure to give yourself lots of appreciation, especially for trying Veganuary.

Vegan quote written on the floor

Get Inspired! There are lots of recipes all over the internet,, including youtube, pinterest and instagram. It’s super fun to get your friends, family or housemates involved too.

Too hard, how about Regenuary? This month is also the movement of Regenuary, which focuses on buying local produce to reduce our carbon footprint. This includes your local grocers, farmers markets, butchers and fishmongers. You could even give meatless-mondays a go as a good starting point.

Bag of vegetables laying on a counter

Try your best and have fun! Finally it’s important to remember that vegans are not perfect, slip-ups happen and that’s ok! What matters most is trying. It may take time to find what works best for you, but the process is a fun journey of discovery that is rewarding for both you and our planet.

Author - Ashley Eales