The Ultimate Comfort Guide to Thongs

We thought it was about time to talk about one of your favorite shapes that’s been rising in popularity since the early noughties. You heard it right - Y2K is back, but not in the same way you think. Comfort has come to play, and we just can’t live without it.

Are thongs comfortable?

We know what you are thinking… who wants a permanent wedgie? That’s basically what a thong is - right? Well, thankfully, that’s a misconception. Here at Stripe & Stare, we love thongs (although we may be biased!) Minimal fabric and minimal movement is a match made in underwear heaven. Trust us, you’ll feel like you have nothing on. Thongs are the perfect choice for those who want to eliminate VPL, and want the cheekiest amount of coverage. Afterall, we are firm believers that your day starts with the perfect pair of knickers, and if your choice is a thong, we know you’ll take the day by the horns - no questions asked. 

Our thongs are unlike any others. You haven’t got to worry about the nasty tight elastic digging into your crotch, giving you the dreaded rash. Our thongs are lightweight, and the lace is super-soft so you can stop readjusting yourself in the middle of the day - throw those uncomfy thongs out the window now! Ok, maybe not out the window, but in your local textile recycling bin if possible. The beauty of our thongs is they are 95% biodegradable. Once you are finished with them, simply cut off the lace and pop them in your compost. It’s as simple as that!

TENCEL™ is the softest fabric around, but don’t take our word for it. Lab measurements and hand evaluations of softness show that TENCEL™ Modal fibres feel twice as soft as cotton. Can you believe that? 2X as soft! It’s time to start rebuilding your underwear drawer with our softer than clouds thongs.

How to wear a thong comfortably

The important thing to consider when purchasing thongs is the fit. You don’t want one that’s too tight as it’ll feel uncomfortable. Although our thongs are super stretchy and have a lot more give than most thongs on the market, we still want you to find the perfect fit. 

Our inclusive size range runs from XS (US 2-4) - 4X (US 16-18). Not sure on your size? All of our thong product listings have size recommendations, so simply put in your typical size and waist measurement to get an instant result. Or, if you are meticulous and want to be 100% sure you get the right size, measure your favorite thong flat on a table and compare it to our sizing chart. That way, you’ll get a match made in heaven.

Thongs naturally minimize VPL (visible panty lines for those of you that don’t know the lingo.) You can feel comfortable in your outfit all day long knowing there are no unsightly lines on display. Score!

To answer this question generally though, there is only one way to wear a thong comfortably… and that’s to wear it unapologetically, with pride.

Are thongs hygienic?

In most cases, thongs aren’t the best option for optimal vaginal health and hygiene but there is one exception - and that’s our thongs! If you are consistently wearing a thong made from synthetic fibres with minimal breathability, you are increasing the risk for bacterial infections. However, Stripe & Stare’s thongs are made from a minimum of 95% TENCEL™ Modal fibres. Made from sustainably sourced and regenerated beechwood tree fibres from Austria, this fabric will revolutionise your underwear drawer. The reason why TENCEL™ Modal fibres are great for maintaining vaginal hygiene is because of its breathable properties. The fibres naturally manage the transportation of moisture, enhancing fabrics by keeping your skin feeling pleasantly comfortable. Derived from natural material, the structure of modal fibres is ideal to help regulate the absorption and release of moisture. This contributes to a breathable fabric that supports the body’s natural temperature regulating properties, creating a refreshingly cooling sensation on your skin. If you’d like to find out more about how our underwear contributes to vaginal hygiene, you can read the blog post here.

Thong Four Pack - Orchid Stripe & Stare Thong Four Pack - Orchid Stripe & Stare


Thong Four Pack - Black Stripe & Stare Thong Four Pack - Black Stripe & Stare


Thong - Sand Stripe & Stare Thong - Sand Stripe & Stare