How Stripe & Stare Got Her Name

We are often asked where our name came from. We have always loved stripes. Coco Chanel first wore a striped Breton in 1917, having spotted it on fishermen in Normandie. She was on a mission to free the female form from the formal fashions of the era. The restrictive outfits were not the most comfortable and as the great fashion revolutionary declared: "Luxury must be comfortable, otherwise it is not luxury." This felt particularly true for the bourgeoisie who were increasingly holidaying on the Côte d’Azur, lounging luxuriously under the sun requiring a more relaxed style. The Breton shirt was the perfect fit.

Stripe & Stare USA banner

"Luxury must be comfortable,

otherwise it is not luxury."

Stripes are more than a fashion item. Stripes through history have always been a symbol of otherness and strength.  From the uniform of convicts so they are easy to spot, to
sailors who earn their stripes.  Stripe & Stare was always about doing things differently and challenging patriarchal beliefs – we wanted to challenge the beliefs of women that they had to be perfect, were not ‘enough’ and challenge the expectations that we put on ourselves and are put upon us by others. For us, stripes represent strength, challenging ourselves and others but always quiet, comfortable luxury.

And why Stare? Because it is attitudinal, we are not scared to tackle things head on – we can do hard things. And of course, who doesn’t love alliteration?!