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Luxury underwear is more than just a new pair of briefs. It's a confidence-boosting secret. A simple delight that puts a spring in every step. An empowering get-up that emboldens the wearer to take on whatever the day has to bring. It's also a gift that women seldom treat themselves to – if only for necessity. So whether gifted for a special occasion or a thoughtful surprise, new underwear is guaranteed to make your girlfriend, wife, or significant other feel special.

However, buying underwear for your girlfriend isn't as simple as buying her favorite flowers. It can sometimes be a minefield, especially if you're unsure what to look for. If this sounds like you, check out our foolproof guide for everything you need to know, including what underwear is best for females and the most sought-after styles your partner will love!

Table of contents

1. The 3 non-negotiables
2. What type of underwear is best for females?
3. How to choose a bra for your girlfriend

Buying underwear for your girlfriend: The 3 non-negotiables

From brazilians and boxers to briefs and bras, the lingerie world can be a daunting experience to anyone unfamiliar with it. However, fear not! Below, we've compiled a list of the non-negotiables to keep you in check.


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Her size

No matter how much you spend or how beautiful the set is, it's a no-go if the underwear doesn't fit. Underwear that is too small is uncomfortable and restrictive, whilst underwear that is too big will be baggy and unflattering. The perfect fit exists; you just need to know her measurements! Not sure about your partner's size? Take a quick peek at the labels in her existing collection. Or, if you don't fancy playing detective, simply ask your partner. They will be just as impressed by the gesture!

At Stripe & Stare, all our underwear is made using TENCEL™ modal, a sustainable fabric made from trees renowned for its super-soft touch and luxurious drape. Though ultra-soft, it is also strong, sturdy, and offers stretch without compromising shape – so you can be confident you are investing in underwear that offers your significant other the perfect fit!

Her style

After you've picked out the right size, it's time to decide on the right underwear style. Is she a high-rise brief or a brazilian kind of girl? How much coverage does she prefer? And when it comes to bras, does she prefer a classic t-shirt bra or a fancy cut-out bralette? It's important to pay attention to her favourite styles, as you will want her to feel bold, confident, and comfortable in any underwear you buy. Our collections are filled with different styles, so we're confident you'll find a style to suit your partner. We also offer beautiful lingerie sets in a wide range of gorgeous designs that your girlfriend is guaranteed to fall in love with!


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Her colour

When shopping for underwear for your girlfriend, it's important to consider your partner's favorite colours. Does your significant other love bright neon colours, or are they a big fan of pastels? Or do they prefer everyday neutrals, like black, white, and nude?

We have different patterns, prints, and tones for you to shop. Whether you treat her to everyday essentials or a brilliant burst of floral print from our LoveShackFancy x Stripe & Stare range, she won't be disappointed.


What type of underwear is best for females?

There are many choices when it comes to the best underwear for women. However, the best underwear style for one person can be another person's worst nightmare, making buying underwear for your girlfriend difficult.

Pay attention to the underwear styles your partner wears most often for the best results. Does she like to lounge in boxers? Or does she prefer a thong? Whichever her preference, we're confident you'll find a style in our collections to suit her. Plus, our TENCEL™ modal fabric will ensure a truly luxurious fit and feel that is breathable, stylish, and long-lasting – so she won't be disappointed!


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How to choose a bra for your girlfriend

Like with briefs, choosing the right size and shape of bra is essential when shopping for your partner. However, fear not: Our sizing chart is here to help you if you get lost along the way! All of our bras are designed using TENCEL™ modal for a truly luxurious finish. Below, we've covered our three most popular styles to help you choose!

T-shirt bra

T-shirt bras are designed to sit discreetly under tight-fitting clothes. They offer medium coverage but ultimate comfort, making them a fantastic choice for everyday wear. Our T-shirt bra collection is filled with styles, from traditional black and white bras to hot neon colours and show-stopping prints!

Triangle bra

Triangle bras are instantly recognisable by their triangular-shaped cups. They offer the perfect blend of style and comfort, contrasting great coverage with a plunging low neckline.


Bralettes are fun and flirty without compromising comfort. Our collection boasts a range of lace bralettes that will make your girlfriend feel special with every wear, including celestial, floral, and colourful prints. Pair with our pick and mix knickers for a beautiful surprise she will love!

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