Brief Encounters by Pandora Sykes

A new series where I dive into the drawers (quite literally) of writers of note.

Bella Mackie is a best-selling (and we’re talking 50+ weeks in the bestseller charts) author of the novel, How To Kill Your Family. She’s also a Vogue columnist, podcaster (with her husband, the broadcaster Greg James) and the author of a previous work of non-fiction, Jog On. If you follow her on Instagram, you will know she is also very funny and once found a pair of old pants, stuffed down her running leggings. While she was wearing them. After she had completed the run. Onto Bella’s briefs!

Bella Mackie headshot

"Seamless thong every time."

Raspberry thong
Two women wearing nude underwear

"My mum always called them kecks

- Scottish and sounds better I think."