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The B-Edit - a world first collection

At Stripe & Stare we are constantly evolving, learning and try to make products differently. Only 3%* of the underwear market is sustainably sourced which is a shocking statistic given that this is something we all wear every day.

None of us can be perfect but we truly believe that small changes can add up to a big difference. Our mission is to try and make the underwear market a little better. This is a product we cannot buy second-hand so we are focused on how it is made and what happens to it at the end of its life. There are shocking statistics on landfill – 3 in 5 of our garments still end up in landfill or incinerators within a year** and Oxfam have reported that 13million garments go to landfill every week.

We wanted to create products that can be buried in the garden and composted at the end of their lifespan.

Our mainline range uses 95% Lenzing Tencel which we believe to be the best out there in terms of sustainability and responsible sourcing. They create from non-protected, regenerated wood sources in a carbon neutral way. 99.9% of all raw materials are recycled and reused. Lenzing fibres are from wood which means they are 95% biodegradable which is great but we wanted to find a solution for the other 5%.

There is much exciting progress in fibre technology and we managed to source the world’s first biodegradable elastane (the bit that gives the stretch). It has been created by a company in Japan called Roica and is certified as Cradle to Cradle – this accreditation means it is created in a non-harmful environmental way and at the end of its life breaks down in the soil.

By combining 71% Tencel fibres (these are from wood), 19% Seacell (from seaweed!) and 10% Roica elastane we have created a world first collection of underwear and basics that you can literally bury in the garden at the end of life. And they will be 100% gone in 180 days.

Combining all this technology means we have created what we believe is the world’s first 100% biodegradable lace knicker.

We hope this range can create the building blocks of your wardrobe from knickers that are as comfortable as the main line to other daily fashion staples – the range has layering basics, bodies and slips – none of which sacrifice comfort for sustainability.

View our YouTube video where Venetia La Manna talks about The B-Edit collection here.

And watch this space – in November 2021 we are launching a world first sock that biodegrades in 5 years rather than the industry standard of 50 years!

At Stripe & Stare we believe a revolution starts from the bottom up.

Honestly Comfortable.

*The Edited, 2019

** Harrabin, 2018

Here is some further information on Lenzing TENCEL™

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Tencel information
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Tencel information
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Roica - further information

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